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The philosophy behind dental implants is that titanium and ceramics actually integrate with a jawbone. What does integration mean? It is actually when the bone cells attach so tightly to that implant surface where there is no gap and we cannot actually retrieve that implant. Titanium dental implants really started with an accidental discovery. Professor Branemark back in the 60s actually used titanium rods in animals and he figured out that these actually fused to the bone. That's the miracle about titanium and ceramic implants - they can actually fuse to the bone, so that means it becomes part of someone's body forever.

Doctor Profile

Sanda Moldovan, DDS


  • Board Certified Periodontist and Nutritionist
  • Internationally recognized speaker, author, and television personality and has appeared on NBC and CBS
  • Frequent speaker on periodontics and nutrition for Nobel Biocare – the world’s leading implant company

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